Who We Are

Our NeuroLogic® team is made up of strong individuals with diverse professional backgrounds in the areas of education, social work, and counseling. Combining their prior academic and vocational experiences with NeuroLogic’s® trauma-informed approach allows us to provide training, coaching, and consulting that is unparalleled.

Kathy Van Horn, MEd, Licensed Psychologist
Executive Vice President of Lakeside
Founder and Director of NeuroLogic® by Lakeside

Kathy is the founder of NeuroLogic® by Lakeside and provides oversight for the growth and development of the program. She is a speaker, trainer, and consultant as well as the author of the NeuroLogic® curriculum, Realizing Brain Potential.

Leadership Team

Our leaders work to support each member of NeuroLogic® by Lakeside through ongoing professional development and supervision. Additionally, our leaders develop new training, and provide much of NeuroLogic® by Lakeside’s higher-level assessment and consultative services.

Kat DeVries

Kathryn deVries MBA, PhD, LPC

Coordinator of NeuroLogic® Research and Development

Nathan Swanson

Nathan Swanson, LPC, NBCC

Coordinator of NeuroLogic® Coaching Services

Jeneen Whaley

Jenéen Whaley, MSS

Coordinator of NeuroLogic® Counseling Services


Jeanne Elberfeld

Jeanne Elberfeld, MD, LSW

NeuroLogic® Trainer/Coach

Nadine Rotay

Nadine Rotay, LPC

NeuroLogic® Trainer/Coach

Victoria Geppert

Victoria Geppert, MA

NeuroLogic® Specialist and Supervisor

LaVerne Price

LaVerne Price, M.Ed.

NeuroLogic® Specialist and Supervisor

NeuroLogic® Specialists and Coaches

We have over a dozen Coaches and Specialists who work directly with your team to provide customized support for the best approaches to address the obstacles you and your students are facing.

Our Mission

NeuroLogic® exists to educate and support schools and youth-focused organizations with practical, brain-based approaches to creating sustainable, supportive, and emotionally safe environments.

We combine a trauma-informed understanding of children with a brain-based approach to education that provides you with countless practical and effective strategies to meet the needs of all learners.