Staff Care

A Trauma-Informed Perspective on Staff Self-Care (2 hours)

With the increasing trauma and stress our students are experiencing, so is the stress level on our school staff. It is important to understand and recognize the impact that stress and secondary traumatic stress have on ourselves and our colleagues. This presentation will discuss and identify trauma-informed tools and strategies to mitigate ongoing stressors and to support staff self-care for yourself and your school community.

One Step at a Time: Setting and Achieving Healthy Goals in a Realistic Way. (1 hour)

Personal health and wellness are frequently not prioritized until we find more time on our schedule to accommodate them (which rarely happens). We know that they are vital to maintaining our own resilience and managing our own regulation/co-regulation during stressful situations. This presentation will explore simple, straightforward health and wellness options such as nutrition, movement, rest and sleep, and mindfulness practices offering opportunities to build calming pathways. The presentation encourages each participant to choose one step to incorporate and practice for several weeks and then reflect on the impacts of that simple choice.

Maintaining Your Own Regulation (1 hour)

Teaching in today’s schools can be very frustrating. The last thing we want to do is let our frustration negatively impact our students. This presentation helps one understand the science behind stress and how stress can affect our brains and bodies. By the end of the presentation, you will have started to create a self-regulation plan with key strategies to help yourself remain or gain calm.