Professional Development

The Trauma-Informed Classroom (3-4 hours) 

This transformative training serves as the foundation for all subsequent training offered by NeuroLogic®. This session provides an overview of the impact of trauma and stress on the brain along with valuable insights into how these factors impact our students and ourselves. 

The importance of regulating the brain from the bottom up is emphasized while introducing practical interventions tailored to each level of the brain. The significance of co-regulation is also discussed, highlighting the importance of implementing regulation strategies for both our students and ourselves throughout the school day.  

The majority of this training is dedicated to equipping educators with a wealth of immediately applicable, practical, and effective strategies and interventions that work for all students.  Educators will walk away empowered and equipped with valuable insights, renewed hope, and practical tools to make a positive difference in the lives of the students we serve.

Implementation Series

After the foundational Trauma-Informed Classroom training, these short 20–30-minute videos with discussion guides can be used to help staff apply NeuroLogic® strategies.

These can be viewed in Professional Development sessions as a reminder and encouragement for all staff. They can also be watched individually or in smaller groups for training purposes.

The topics are:

  • General Regulating Practices in the Classroom
  • Interpreting Student Behavior
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships
  • Recognizing Different Brain States
  • Utilizing Fidgets and Brain Breaks in a Classroom Setting
  • Alternative Seating and Other Specific Regulation Strategies
  • Managing Transitions and Hallways
  • Consequences and Rewards
  • Concrete Ideas for Teacher Self-Care