District Consultation

District Consultation

As districts move to become trauma-informed, leadership often begins to assess current practices and work to realign them through a new lens. Our NeuroLogic® specialists can meet with your leadership team to discuss needs and goals, review existing policies and practices, and devise a tailored plan to best serve your district’s journey toward aligning practices with trauma-informed, brain-based principles. Our NeuroLogic® specialists can help design trauma-informed:

  • District policies and procedures
  • Discipline practices
  • Classroom practices
  • Sensory rooms
  • Staff care plans
  • Staff development and evaluation practices
  • Building initiatives

Customized Plans

Our specialists excel in crafting personalized plans, tailored to align with the unique needs of your district. By collaborating closely with your leadership team, we ensure that strategies align with your district’s vision and goals while effectively addressing its distinctive challenges.

With a steadfast commitment to flexibility and collaboration, we work closely with your leadership team to implement practical and sustainable solutions. Our collaborative efforts ensure that strategies are not only aligned with your district’s objectives but also foster resilience, empathy, and success among students and staff throughout your district.

Evaluation and Fidelity Assessment

Our NeuroLogic® specialists can assist with the evaluation of current practices to help in setting strategic plans for the upcoming year. We can assist in gathering data to assess the effectiveness of implemented changes. Through quarterly meetings, we can help regularly assess the fidelity of implementation, and collaborate on solutions to overcome any identified barriers.