At NeuroLogic®, our primary aim is to foster sustainable change. Our training provides a wealth of practical, applicable, interventions that participants can implement immediately. This efficacy is further enhanced when combined with monthly coaching sessions.

Our coaching groups are made up of a designated group of 8-12 staff members. They are designed to be participant-driven. Coaching sessions foster a safe and supportive space for sharing challenges, successes, obstacles, and inquiries. Collaboratively, participants and the NeuroLogic® coach develop plans to overcome obstacles and generate innovative strategies to benefit both staff and students. Whether conducted virtually or in person, sessions are designed to best meet the needs of your school, staff, and students.

Coaching Possibilities Include:

Mixed Group of Champions

A NeuroLogic® Specialist works with a designated group of 8-12 key staff members chosen to implement the principles, strategies, and interventions acquired in the NeuroLogic® training within their roles. This group can be comprised of administrators, teachers, counselors, and other key personnel who will champion and model these ideas and strategies throughout your school community.

Teacher Coaching

A NeuroLogic® Specialist works with a designated group of 8-12 teachers interested in implementing trauma-informed practices in their classrooms. These sessions focus on the practical implementation with individual students and the classroom as a whole. The goal is for these teachers to form model classrooms for others to learn from. Coaching hours are used to meet with the group monthly as well as to observe individual classrooms for feedback throughout the year.

Counselor or Climate Staff Coaching

A NeuroLogic® Specialist works with a designated group of counselors, social workers, and/or climate managers interested in implementing and teaching trauma-informed practices to those they serve.  These groups focus on the use of the NeuroLogic® curriculum to teach and model the information and skills to students.

Coaching by Topic

Coaching sessions are versatile and can be used for observation and targeted feedback to address specific areas of concern within your school environment. Our coaches can help with feedback on hallways, student lunches, arrival and dismissal procedures, discipline policies, classroom observations, etc.

Paraprofessional Coaching and Training

A NeuroLogic® Specialist can work with your paraprofessionals to train and coach them in the use of trauma-informed concepts and strategies within their roles. 

Leadership Training and Coaching

For those wanting to know more about a trauma-informed and brain-based approach to leadership, we have a specialized training and coaching series available. This series explores the details of a resonant approach to leadership, empowering leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to foster a supportive environment within your school. As part of the training, we provide tailored coaching sessions designed for individuals or groups. Our expert coaches provide personalized guidance, equipping leaders with practical strategies to implement trauma-informed and brain-based principles effectively in their roles.

Student Conflict Management Coaching

If you are within an hour of Lakeside’s campus, a NeuroLogic® Specialist can work directly with your students individually or in small groups to teach them conflict management skills. These coaches can be assigned to your school at specific times during the week or throughout the school year.  If you are not within an hour of Lakeside’s campus, our coaches can meet with your students virtually, or coach and prepare you with the materials to teach the lessons and skills yourself.