Trauma-Competent Professional

Courses Required: Enhancing Trauma Awareness AND Deepening Trauma Awareness AND Applying Trauma Principles OR Social Emotional and Motor Development in Infancy and Early Childhood, Trauma in Infancy and Early Childhood and Applying Trauma Principles in Infancy and Early Childhood.

Participants in the required courses along with completion of additional requirements may earn LGI’s title of Certified Trauma-Competent Professional. We believe that by conferring this title on participants who successfully complete our requirements and therefore demonstrate a high level of integrity and sophistication with regard to their levels of trauma awareness, trauma sensitivity, trauma competency and abilities to maintain the specific values and standards LGI has established, we can work to advance levels of respect and appreciation for the complex nature of trauma and the importance of addressing traumarelated issues in ways that are well-researched as effective, healthy and safe.

In order to become a Certified Trauma-Competent Professional each candidate must successfully complete the following:

Trauma-Sensitive Professional

Participants in this intensive course may earn LGI’s title of Certified Trauma-Sensitive Professional. We believe participants who meet course requirements demonstrate increased levels of compassion for the impact of trauma. Participants can identify key elements of many traumas and the impact of each.

In order to become a Certified Trauma-Sensitive Professional each candidate must successfully complete the following: