Creating Presence

Your organization can become a healthy biocracy

Our Mission

Creating Presence is an online organizational trauma certification program working with organizations and systems to carve a path towards being trauma informed, trauma responsive, and trauma resilient in all organizational processes and values.

The following 5 tracks and descriptions define the core of the program:

Introductory Track

Includes the tools and concepts of Creating Presence as well as the rationale for using an organizational framework.

Leadership Track

Addresses the multiple ways leaders can use power and responsibility to align attitudes, behaviors, and policy with trauma-responsive principles as well as migrating the impact of organizational stress on everyone.

Clinical Track

For the clinically trained staff member with a focus on trauma-specific treatment frameworks, brain regulation tools and skills for assessing and addressing trauma-related symptoms in the therapeutic relationship.

Direct Track

Strategies for construction and sustaining a trauma-responsive milieu in which services are delivered as well as offering brain regulation and group engagement skills.

Indirect Track

Includes tools for shaping organizational culture and providing a positive client experienced with a focus on trauma-responsive communication.